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In an interview with WXOW-TV, Elizabeth O'Brien readily acknowledged that she was indeed driving impaired when she caused a serious driving accident. Despite having a history of receiving formal substance treatment, she said she was not ready to do the hard work needed to recover including Drug Court. After her entry into the penal system in La Crosse County she was transferred to a women's state prison.
Her life is now dramatically different; she is clean and sober. "I go to bed at night looking forward to tomorrow. I've got school and I've got work, I got a career that I love, and my family's back in my life. I embrace each day." She now volunteers weekly, doing jail visits, as part of the La Crosse Jail Ministry program.Elizabeth credits the turnaround to conversation with La Crosse's Jail Chaplain, Tom Skemp. She recognized that what she needed was faith.

You and La Crosse Jail ministry are in a unique position to help people in time of crisis, which can also be an opportunity for growth. By sustaining the vital La Crosse Jail Ministry program and throwing a lifeline to the many women, like Elizabeth O'Brien, we create the possibility of replacing loss and despair with connection and hope. Your donation paves a pathway toward Hope.

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